Snap Counsellors was created to give a discreet and friendly space for youngsters to talk about relationship violence. The initiative was started by Rajshekar Patil, an advertising professional, Avani Parekh, an experienced counsellor and founder of, and Nida Sheriff, an activist and founder of Chayn India.

According to the United Nations Population Fund, globally, one in 10 girls has experienced sexual violence, 30% of teens (ages 15-19) have experienced sexual or physical violence.

90% teens don't report abuse because they are scared of their partners or parents, or fear the stigma of exposure.

An entrepreneurial young group from India is exploiting the power of Snapchat
— UNAIDS Asia-Pacific

What We've Achieved

  • Since we launched our campaign, we've created global conversations around teen relationship violence
  • We've counselled several hundred teens facing abuse and encouraged thousands to come out and talk about the issue
  • We garnered global PR coverage from major media houses such as Huffington Post, Mashable, Independent and El Pais
  • Snap Counsellors was featured on ABC News in a special segment
  • We organise college workshops to create awareness about the issue
  • We are joining hands with counsellors around the world to create local helplines
  • Snap Counsellors is an open platform - If you have an idea on making it work in your community, we'd be happy to share our learning
  • Bullying, depression, drugs, peer pressure, a lot of issues need attention. Let's talk about how you can help!

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